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Marshalltown High School Class of 1998
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Name:    John E Hand
Current Location:    Cedar Falls, IA
Spouse's Name:    Laura
Children's Names & Birth Dates:    Boy (August 16, 2008)
Tell Us About Your Life Since Graduation:    Following graduation from MHS, I enrolled in the mechanical engineering program at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan, during which I spent six months living in Charleston, SC, while employed with Bosch. After that first year at Kettering, I transferred to UNI to pursue a degree in fine arts and meet my wife, and I have lived in Cedar Falls since 2000. My wife, Laura, and I met in an art class at UNI, and we have been together for eight years, with our first child, a boy, due in August this year. During school at UNI, I worked part-time at Cedar Falls' ACE Hardware, and became the Asst. Store Manager in January. Except for one year at an industrial design firm in Waverly ('02-'03), I have been employed at ACE since May, 2001. Also during those years, I have taken automotive art commissions when possible through my personal business, Laura is a skilled web designer, and has made great strides in her career with VGM Forbin in Waterloo; last month, she was named Creative Director for Forbin, in addition to being their Senior Web Designer. Her list of accomplishments is exhausting for this space, but worth noting are two not-for-profit organizations that she participates with: president of the Cedar Valley Chapter of AAF, and vice-president of the Kimble-Ridge Association. Outside of work, we have enjoyed traveling to Europe and many places throughout the central and eastern U.S. Laura has been gracious enough to allow me to continue collecting toy vehicles, both large and small, including a car which I use for SCCA autocross racing and several sport motorcycles. Yes, I still have my '65 Mustang. I hope to see you all at the reunion.

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