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Marshalltown High School Class of 1998
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Name:    Matt R Peterson
Current Location:    San Diego, CA
Spouse's Name:    William/Warren/Bruce/Lee/Ralph/Jerome
Children's Names & Birth Dates:    We adopted a family of stray cats that love like our own children. There names are Dingle 53 months, Dangle 43 month, Sharon 8, Santa Barbara who is 5, Mary Kay who is 14, and Sassy who is 17.
Tell Us About Your Life Since Graduation:    Helping retarded children to read. Living with my life partner now for four years and learning life is about suppression with the help of Valtrex. Kickboxing and horseback riding on the beach with my handsome partner Billy. Hey guys 25 years later I can't believe it. I'm still gay but now I live in a group home for retarded adults. You know what they say them balls ain't retarded. I've been vaccinated for AIDS though so I don'tworry as much about unprotected intercourse. I would love to catch up with everyone but I don't have enough gas money to drive all the way back. None of the guys I live with have drivers licenses as they all ride short busses. If anyone wants to help out I have cashapp and an onlyfans.

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