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Marshalltown High School Class of 1998
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Name:    Andrea C Thompson (Ficken)
Current Location:    Maquoketa, IA
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Kirstyn, Maddisyn , and Jaycob

Tell Us About Your Life Since Graduation:   

I went to college for Nursing and social work. I am currently enrolling to work on my RN to BSN. I graduated from Nursing school May 2007. I decided to go back to school to finish my degree and find what will make me happy! I have been writing a book about my life and some pretty amazing yet lucky to be alive, rare emergency surgeries that have happened. I love shopping, facebooking, talking on my cell phone, watching movies, ZUMBA, volunteer work, bowling, playing PS3 and Call of Duty with the kids, drawing,writing, designing cards with calligraphy, photography, music, softball, volleyball, collecting willowtree angels spend lots of time with family, do crazy things & being random,& going out with friends! Just living everyday with my family. I love having parties and BBQ's. Living life each day with no regrets. My kids are my everything. Life is so short so live today, remember yesterday, and don't worry about tomorrow.

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