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Marshalltown High School Class of 1998
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Name:    Damian-Eachan C Dilley
Current Location:    Spokane, WA
Spouse's Name:    Erin
Children's Names & Birth Dates:    Brenna Faye Dilley, born 3/31/10.
Tell Us About Your Life Since Graduation:    Its hard to say without making this section sound like a resume. The short version is that I went to Luther College in Decorah, IA, after graduation I moved to Chapel Hill, NC, and after a few years moved to Spokane, WA. I got married to Erin Craig in 2006 (we had been dating since my junior year of college). In Spokane I am a project manager for a contract pharmaceutical manufacturing and allergenic plant called Hollister-Stier. Currently I attend Gonzaga University's Graduate School of Business, and am working on my MBA with an emphasis in Finance. For specific interest give me a call our send me an email!

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