Marshalltown High School Bobcat
Marshalltown High School Class of 1998
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Name:    Nicholas L Beard
Current Location:    Marshalltown, IA
Spouse's Name:    Debra Moore
Children's Names & Birth Dates:   

Ajna Xulia Beard- Born 3/5/2012

Tell Us About Your Life Since Graduation:   

I toured the country several times with various bands. Lived in Morelia Mexico for a summer in 2000. Traveled Thailand with my wife, and stayed on a deserted island in the Andaman Sea. Got about three years of RAGBRAI under my belt. Got into tattooing for a while. Went to UNI and got a BA in Art Education. I now teach art to elementary and middle school students at East Marshall. My wife is also a teacher so we spend the summers traveling... our dog goes with us. I read, write, and draw in my free time.

UPDATE:  We made a kid!  She's six and sassy!

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