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Marshalltown High School Class of 1998
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Name:    Melissa A McDermott (Meakins)
Current Location:    Des Moines, IA
Spouse's Name:    Jeff McDermott
Tell Us About Your Life Since Graduation:    After graduating from High School I attended Iowa State University and earned my Bachelor's degree in Housing and the Near Environment. I also spent a year in graduate school studying Family Financial Planning. My husband and I were married on Lover's Key beach in Florida on March 17th, 2003. After getting married we moved to St. Paul, MN where I worked in Human Resources for an assisted living company and my husband worked as a Personal Trainer at Lifetime Fitness. After a year in MN, we moved to Palm Springs California so my husband could persue his career as a Personal Trainer. I have been working as a Bookkeeper at a large grocery chain for the past 4 years, and really enjoy my work. We will be moving back to Iowa (Des Moines) in mid-June to be closer to friends and family and so my husband can go back to Graduate School at Iowa State. We also plan to start a family after moving back to Iowa.

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