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Marshalltown High School Class of 1998
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Name:    Erica Ward
Current Location:    East Greenwich , RI
Children's Names & Birth Dates:   

Jacob Mull, 03/19/97

Tell Us About Your Life Since Graduation:   

It has been quite a journey since my last update from TX!  I have been in the Ocean State for about 3 years, financing for golf courses in the northeast. I recently was promoted to a Global role on a new Sustainability team - where I work with manufacturers worldwide as a thought leader on environmental processes and financing opportunities. And help develop programs to assist emerging economies (such as Rwanda). I am also a certified Reiki Master and Integrated Energy Therapist, mostly for my own personal benefit. I enjoy running, the arts (including culinary), traveling, and everything about the sea and nature. I am also a community volunteer, and will be featured in a Remarkable Woman segment in a local RI publication. 

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