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Marshalltown High School Class of 1998
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Name:    April M McKibbin (Verdulla)
Current Location:    Rhodes, IA
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Spouse's Name:    Jeff McKibbin
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In 2010, I married Jeff McKibbin and blended my six children (Trinity- 7/8/00, Justice- 9/15/02, Twins, Kendall and Kaynen- 6/7/04, Ronan- 2/19/08 and Callon- 5/10/10) with his two (Kale- 12/29/03 and Garrett 6/3/05) creating a large family.  In October of 2013, Jeff and I added our last son, Boston, to complete our family of 11.  I stay extremely busy serving on the Marshalltown Area Soccer Board, coaching my sons' soccer team, cheering on my competitive dancers, as well as attending volleyball, baseball, basketball and school events.  When I am not with my family I am working full time as an Area Sales Manager for Next Generation Wireless.   When life does hand me some down time, my husband and I like to work on our farmhouse, travel to Colorado or attend a 49er game.  Life is hectic... exactly why I love it!

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