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Marshalltown High School Class of 1998
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Name:    Emily J Walker (Allison)
Current Location:    State Center, IA
Spouse's Name:    Jason
Children's Names & Birth Dates:   

Molly 2002 Elley 2007 Jackson 2009

Tell Us About Your Life Since Graduation:   

Molly (20), Elley (16), Jackson (14) ... It's been a few years since my last update! Molly is in her senior year at UVM. Elley just started her junior year and Jackson his freshman year at West Marshall. We have lived on an acerage south of State Center for about 10 years. Still growing pumpkins, but have simplified our operation. I have been a rural mail carrier for about 17 years, and love that I get to spend my work days outside.  


Jason and I are currently enjoying life in our small SE Iowa town of Fremont. We have two wonderful daughters, Molly (5) and Elley (1). I work one day a week at the Ottumwa Post Office, and in the summer/fall we are very busy with our truck farm. We grow just about anything you can think of but our main crops are tomatoes, sweet corn, and pumpkins.

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